The EA round sling is used to cooperate with the lifting hook and other lifting objects. It can be used for lifting objects under various hoisting conditions. It has high strength and can not damage the surface of the object. It is light and soft, and can be used in a variety of combinations.
The outer surface of the EA round sling is fine, which will not cause damage to vulnerable objects. Moreover, there are many hoisting methods, which can also be used to drag the suspended objects. It has a unique label and uses international standard color to distinguish the bearing tonnage, which is easy to identify even if the lifting belt is worn.
Technical data:
Materials: imported DuPont silk, polyester (polyester), nylon, denima
Safe working force: 0.5-500t
Effective length: 0.5-80m
Safety factor: 6:1
Range: 40 鈩?to 110 鈩?/p>
Elongation: ultimate working elongation < 2%, breaking elongation < 12%
Executive standard: JB / t8521-2007
1. It is suitable for hoisting circular and annular objects
2. High strength and weight
3. The flexible sling has many hoisting methods and its stress is even, so that the working life of the hoisting belt is longer
4. It can also be used to drag the object to be hoisted
5. Can be attached with anti-wear and anti cutting protective sleeve
6. Non conductive, no electric shock hazard
7. The flexible packaging loop sling is made of 100% PES, and the inner bearing core is surrounded by endless rings to form a circular shape. The 100% PES is woven into a stress-free sleeve to protect the bearing core.
8. It is especially suitable for hoisting circular objects.
9. The outer surface of flexible lifting belt is fine, smooth objects will not cause damage, and will not cause damage to vulnerable objects
10. Light and soft, easy to use in small space.
11. The maximum load is 0.5-500 tons, and the effective length is 0.5-80 meters
12. In line with Chinese industry standard JB / t8521-2007
13. The elastic elongation of flexible lifting belt is less than 2% under working load and less than 12% under breaking load
14. The temperature range used is - 40 鈩?- 180 鈩?/p>
15. It can be added with anti-wear protective sleeve and anti cutting protective sleeve.Wholesale Lifting Belt