The conductive grid is designed according to the common molding grating, which is made by the conductive process and is mainly used to eliminate electrostatic interference.
This conductive property is necessary in the high-tech electronics industry, where sophisticated equipment is likely to be damaged by electrostatic interference.
2.The electrical resistance property
GRP conductive grating is an ideal choice for flame-proof and explosion-proof occasions owing to its fine anti-static characteristics. The average surface resistivity is about 1.0x106惟-----1.0x109惟.
Long service life
Very designable
Light weight and high strength
Easy of cutting and installation
Low maintenance
4.Specifications & Applications
The size specifications of the conductive grating can refer to the ordinary molded grating, and retain all the inherent characteristics of the resin system and structural design, such as: flame retardant, non-slip, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, and light weight. Conductive grating can be used in oil & gas plants, circuit board manufacturing, oil Refining, underground mining floor panels, military factories, etc.
5.Payment terms ,Delivery and Service
鈭歅ayment: All the payment can negotiate, generally by T/T or L/C.
鈭欴elivery: Depends on the quantity, usually about one month
鈭歋ervice: 24 hours online service, technical overseas serviceCustomized FRP Grating