鈻?Our History
Ningbo High-tech Zone Jingxue Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.Focusing on the refrigeration industry for more than 20 years, it is a comprehensive engineering company that integrates the design, procurement, sales, installation, maintenance, and after-sales services of cold storage cold beverage air curtain cabinet engineering projects.
By the end of 2020, Jingxue Refrigeration has provided integrated solutions for cold storage projects for more than 2,800 enterprises in Zhejiang Province. We want to establish long-term cooperative relations with long-term enterprises with advanced strength, reasonable prices and excellent services.
鈻?Our Factory
The factory promotes a set of unique modern management models and novel development ideas, focusing on product quality and technology investment. Since the establishment of the company, it has been focusing on the construction of hardware facilities and introducing advanced equipment, forming a set of reasonable and complete assembly line production lines and a perfect marketing mechanism. The company always regards the application of new technologies and the development of new products as the development ideas. It regards talents as the precious wealth of the enterprise. Through the combination of external and internal training, it has formed a team of diligent and pragmatic and positive technical personnel. Significant achievements have been made in design and process updating. "Striving for perfection, casting quality" is the enterprise spirit that Jingxue Refrigeration firmly implements. Jingxue's pragmatic and efficient management concept will definitely bring you a new feeling!
鈻?Our Product
Fruit and vegetable wholesale market cold storage, large cold storage cold storage, chain food cold storage, meat cold storage, dairy cold storage, seafood market cold storage, large commercial supermarket cold storage, agricultural and sideline product cold storage, integrated logistics center cold storage, medical laboratory cold storage, seed storage , Pre-cooled cold storage and other major small and medium-sized cold storage projects.
鈻?Product Application
Supermarket curtain cabinets, convenience store cabinets, fresh meat cabinets, cake cabinets, flower cabinets, island cabinets, seafood display cabinets and other types of air curtain cabinets
鈻?Our Service
The after-sales service of the cold storage must be the most concerned issue of the cold storage procurement users in addition to the cost of the cold storage and the quality of the refrigeration equipment. The after-sales of Jingxue Refrigeration are throughout the whole Zhejiang Province. The company has set up a after-sales service center to provide 7-24 hours of after-sales consultation for all customers , The following is a detailed introduction to the after-sales service provided by our company.
Service Content:
鈼?The warranty period for the freezing equipment is 12 months after the equipment is accepted. During the warranty period, due to product quality problems, our company provides free services.
鈼?Engineering warranty period: within 12 months after acceptance.
鈼?Provide free technical guidance installation and equipment debugging services.
鈼?Life-time preferential price to provide vulnerable parts, our company and assist users to repair the unit.
鈼嘥rain two technical operators for the user, and the training fee will be waived. Food, accommodation and transportation will be paid by yourself.
鈼嘝rovide users with the maintenance work of the unit.
Value-added services:
鈼?When technicians arrive at the site for debugging, they will give on-site explanations and on-site operation training to the user operators, so that the user operators have the ability to operate independently.
鈼?Our company's after-sales service staff will return visits regularly or irregularly, supplemented by "greeting service" to ensure the smoothness of the service system.
鈼嘝rovide users with professional technology and equipment supporting consultation free of charge at any time.
Service guarantee:
鈼?Our company has set up a special after-sales service center, opened a 24-hour repair call, and received a repair call, the city's maintenance staff will rush to the scene within 3 to 5 hours, and the province will rush to the scene in about 6 hours. General faults are resolved within 24 hours, and major faults are resolved within 3 days.
鈼?Jingxue Refrigeration always takes the customer first as its tenet. While devoting itself to the professional technology, it constantly strengthens and improves the after-sales service to completely solve the customer's concerns and concerns about after-sales.
鈼?Building a cold storage for customers and letting customers use the cold storage at ease is the constant pursuit of every snowman. Jingxue will also continue to uphold the purpose and philosophy of customer supremacy, continuously improve and strengthen refrigeration technology and customer management, and provide more refrigeration for more customers. Friends in need provide more high-end refrigeration equipment and after-sales support.Commercial Dryer factory

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